Why was the Royal Palace built in Madrid?

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The Royal Palace of Madrid is a building of royal rank and currently belongs to the National Heritage of Spain. This means that it is state-owned, although from the Ministry of the Presidency it is made available to the King of Spain and the rest of the royal family, since in the past it belonged to the Spanish Crown.

Although its historical use is the official residence of the kings of Spain, today it is used for official acts of the Spanish State and the royal house. In the past it was a royal residence from the arrival of the Bourbons in the eighteenth century until the reign of Alfonso XIII, which ended in 1931.

Its main architects were the Italians Felipe Juvara, who died early after starting the project, his disciple of this Giovanni Battista Sachetti and Francesco Sabatini, who would take over from Sachetti in 1760.

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