Why was Big Ben built in London?

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Big Ben is the most representative tower in the city of London and is the owner of one of the world's largest mechanical watches. Big Ben is the name with which the tower is known worldwide, but officially this name is due to the main bell, which weighs about 13.8 tons (the first one weighed 16 tons but broke and was replaced).

The construction of Big Ben began in 1843, after the great fire of London on October 16, 1834, which seriously affected the Palace of Westminster. Charles Barry was in charge of the reconstruction project, which added the tower to the palace and designed it in a Victorian Gothic style.

This monument has a height of 96.3 meters and is based on a base of 225 square meters. Each dial of Big Ben watches measures 7.5 meters and the hands are of a great length; the hour hand measures 2.7 meters long while the minute hand measures 4.3 meters. The clock numbers are not far behind with their 50 centimeters high.

The watch is known for its reliability, since it has rarely stopped working. Even after the bombings suffered by London during World War II, the clock has not altered its punctual reputation.

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