Why is France a developed country?

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First, without being its main economic engine, France is one of the largest tourist destinations worldwide receiving millions of tourists every year thanks to the charm of cities like Paris.

If you look at export, sectors such as aeronautics or automobile are at the forefront. Important car brands like Peugeot, Renault or Citröen are very present in a country like ours.

France also has a powerful pharmaceutical sector that develops a multitude of new medicines and, in addition, has important cosmetic and makeup firms that we can also see in our most common lines (L'oreal, Garnier, La Roche Posay, etc.).

If we attend to a service as basic as distribution we find powerful companies again: Carrefour is the second largest retailer in the world behind Walmart. And we also have other generalist chains such as Elecrerc or Alcampo of French origin with a great presence in our country. Or other more specialized like Leroy Merlin, FNAC or Decathlon.

Within the agri-food sector we find that the French are large customers or competitors of the Spanish according to the product. In the wine or cheese sector the competition is very strong.

If we talk about energy, France is one of the largest exporters of nuclear energy. And in the telecommunications sector, France Telecom stands out, which is the company that includes Orange.

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