Why did the attack on Pearl Harbor occur?

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The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military onslaught by the Imperial Japanese Navy, which was one of the most powerful war navies of the entire World War II, against the US maritime base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

This attack occurred on the morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941, the Japanese intended the attack to be a preventive operation to prevent the United States from intruding with its maritime fleet in Japan's military operations.

The attack began shortly before 8 am local time, and was carried out by more than 400 Japanese aircraft, which were shot down 29. For its part, the United States had a casualty of almost 15 marine fleets and more than 2400 dead .

To understand the cause of the attack on Pearl Harbor, we must establish the context in which both countries were. The situation was extremely intense, US President Roosevelt had imposed oil embargoes on Japan for his military aggressions against China.

To this, we add the idea of ​​Japan to seize the Dutch Indies for its high oil content, for this they had to ensure control of the Pacific Ocean. Because of their intention to control the Pacific, they were to prevent the United States Pacific Fleet from intervening in their military wishes.

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