Why did all dinosaurs become extinct?

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For several decades, it was established that the most likely impact of a meteorite or asteroid on Earth would make these giants disappear that dominated the planet for so long. However, as we have mentioned, there are more possible causes of this and, today, these are the most likely theories:

Meteorite or asteroid
Volcanic activity
Climate change

Between the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s the theory of the meteorite or asteroid of 12 km in diameter was proposed that impacted the Earth, specifically in the area of ​​the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, as a cause of the extinction of dinosaurs .

A geological layer or stratum rich in iridium was discovered, occupying the entire planet and dating from the time of the great extinction. This chemical element is not commonly found on the surface of the Earth, but in the magma of its interior, as well as in this ancient layer at great depth and in meteorites. As this element is very toxic and radioactive, the scientists considered that by impacting a large meteorite or asteroid, rich in this element and by elevating large amounts of it from the inner layers of the planet, this material expanded throughout the Earth ending with the life of many living beings and extinguishing much of the dinosaurs, but it was not the only cause, but a chain reaction occurred.

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