Why did Adolf Dassler create Adidas?

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It all started with the passion for sport shared by the brothers, Rudolf and Adolf Dassler (nicknamed Adi Das). Both born in the German area of ​​Herzogenaurach, on November 3, 1900 and March 26, 1898, respectively. Although the sport was an element they had in common, it was also a factor, as well as other factors in their lives, that allowed elucidating the rivalries between the two. The brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler had a shoe and slippers manufacturing factory called Gerbüder Dassler Schuhfabrik.

With the arrival of World War II, the brothers were recruited. Adi unlike Rodolf was in total opposition. Then, to achieve a deal with the head of the Saxony troops, Adi was able to leave the army on the condition that his factory should take over the production of boots for the army and other equipment. In that sense, the business was in Adi's hands until the war ended. During the war his brother was captured by the Allied troops. After being released, Rudolf returns home with the idea that his brother was to blame for his imprisonment, so he decides to move to just 500 meters and open another business.

Once the Company was dissolved, Adi changed the name of the business, renamed Adidas. Meanwhile Rodolf would create the Roda brand, then renamed Puma. From that moment, the rivalry between the brothers besides being personal became business. So, from there an endless struggle was born between these famous brands of clothing and sports shoes. In 1949, Adi decided to register his shoe brand with a three-stripe logo, which still survives today and is unquestionably known to everyone.

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